Will Long-Duration Video Update Benefit TikTok’s Future?

Will Long-Duration Video Update Benefit TikTok's Future?

Will Long-Duration Video Update Benefit TikTok’s Future?

Social media platforms know the tricks to divert people into their platform. TikTok is also working behind to bring more customers to their application by introducing new features. According to the survey, 60-second videos are sometimes insufficient to elaborate on the content, and the platform works for users who need engaging content. As a growing creator, you can utilize SMM services to maximize your video’s visibility.

Why Has TikTok Extended The Length Of The Video Up To 10 Minutes?

The extension of time could spark a significant shift of users on this platform. The application has to compete with its competitors, such as Instagram and YouTube. Currently, the high reach and revenue generation of YouTube is because of its video length. Even though the survey conducted among users reveals that long forms of video may stress out them. TikTok took this challenge and extended the video capturing time, and now, you can record up to 10 minutes. It could benefit both the brand and the platform since companies may plan to post advertisements and increase brand awareness. The introduction of longer videos gives the user community to spend more time on time and create a more detailed video of up to 10 minutes. Because of the short video duration, it will unleash the user who switches to other social media platforms from TikTok. Check out this article to learn more about this feature and the perks of recording a 10 minutes video.

How Expanded Video Benefits Creators?

The extended video length will benefit creators or influencers who want to make a lengthy video when they want to create beauty hacks, educational content to deliver concepts, and film cooking videos. In the earlier stages, creators captured part of the video and asked the audience to watch their next part for upcoming videos. But the longer video isn’t used for where you need a short form of video and use it appropriately. Potential creativity also came up with this update. It meant that time spent on editing and filming is more than posting more video posts, giving importance to content quality. Previously, you could post dozens of 15 seconds of videos within a single day. Currently, you can only post 10 minutes videos or post 40 numbers of 15 seconds videos. Influencers who want to brand educational content and video games may depend on the long forms of video content. Many creators can try out SMM panel to develop their recognition online. Before the arrival of a 10 minutes video, they face difficulties in making content for three minutes.

Optimal Video Length For Different Channels

TikTok has extended the length of the video to make room for storytelling and sharing lengthy content. Features benefit those who want to take 10 minutes of videos since most creators are working to promote B2B marketing. The optimal video length differs depending upon the channel where you are going to use it.

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Length Of Website Videos

When you make a video to promote a website, you can take a video up to 30 to 60 seconds. According to the survey, the videos in less than 30 seconds receive the most comments on social media platforms. In that video, include a homepage explainer that increases the value of your product, and at the ending session, answer viewer queries.

Length Of Beauty Tutorials

Beauty experts and influencers now step into this platform to bring you practical tips and tricks. It is not easy to give complete tips via short-duration videos. So they can use this handful of 10 minutes videos. At this point, you should apply some tricks to engage your audience. Your focus should be towards teaching them how your service and products work for them. We recommend providing concise things that viewers want to know more about your videos.

Perks Of Lengthy Video From The TikTok Side

TikTok has released this feature to benefit the creator who develops lengthy video content. As a result, it will make room for a range of creators to give a path of framing various styles of content. For example, rather than watching fast fitness tips and short forms of educational content, the audience can watch entire tips to follow their workouts. Before introducing this feature, creators diverted their users to watch detailed videos on other social media platforms. So, there is a chance of shifting to another application. However, it stops because of novel features. TikTok is now ready to beat its big competitor and allow viewers to do everything in their applications.

Wrapping Up

TikTok allows creators to take shorter or longer videos, you can create them related to their niche, and they can capture video. Longer videos will generate more revenue for this platform, such as YouTube. There is a chance to continuously increase the market share value because it has already reached all over the world. Now, this platform can gather all types of content with them, and they can direct followers and creators who prefer another platform for lengthy videos. It is time to watch a more extended video tutorial on this platform, and at the same time, the viewer can enjoy even short videos!